Different Uses of Drones

As the years pass by, there is an upsurge in the sales of drones. More people are now joining the league of drone owners. The reason is not far-fetched, as these unpiloted aircraft are now finding more applications and innovative uses in almost all sectors of society.  Drones have become an integral part of businesses […]

Gifts for a Drone Enthusiast

Gifts for a Drone Enthusiast

Gradually, we are approaching the time of the year again. The weather is getting colder, vacations and colorful holiday events are all coming up rapidly. It’s the season of giving again, and as always, you are looking to get some beautiful gifts for your friends and family. But oftentimes, knowing the perfect gifts can be […]

XPG Drones Best-Selling Drones

Best-Selling Drones

Are you buying your first drone? Looking for a next-level model to make even more amazing aerial videos? Whatever your reason for getting into this exciting and dynamic technology, XPG has drones that can do a lot and cost comparatively little, making it an opportune time to explore the wide blue yonder. What are the […]

Your Guide to Learning to Fly Drones

At one time, drones were practically the sole domain of the government, military, or eccentric billionaires. They’ve been used for bomb detection, surveillance and, in the case of DreamWorks Pictures co-founder David Geffen, documenting luxurious self-isolation practices. These days, drones are literally everywhere. They have shot some of the most unforgettable scenes in movies like […]

What to Consider When Buying a Drone

Buying a new drone is an exciting experience regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced drone pilot.  However, it is important to do your research as there are many factors to take into consideration before you make your purchase.  Drones come with a variety of features and the relative importance of each […]

How Fast are DRL Drones?

The Drone Racing League or DRL is the Formula 1 of the drone world. It is an international league where pilots race customized drones of equal power at high speeds. The aerial course is naturally in three dimensions and pilots navigate using first person view (FPV). The media coverage and popularity of DRL events is […]

Best medium-sized drones

Modern drones come in all shapes and sizes. While many people look for the smallest and lightest, this is not always the best option. The best medium-sized drones will often be a better bet. Generally, although not always, they are more powerful, have bigger batteries for a longer time in the air, and have more […]

Flying a drone on private property

Although drones can be enjoyed and used for a range of commercial and humanitarian applications, many people find them to be a nuisance and an invasion of privacy. There are also many concerns in regards to drones interfering with regular aviation, putting aircrafts and civilians at risk. If you are flying a drone on private […]

Provincial Drone Flight Regulations in Canada

Canada introduced new drone regulations in 2019, which have given more clear-cut guidelines for recreational drone use.  These regulations are intended to make the airspace in Canada safer for crewed aircraft. It is also intended to offer law enforcement officials less ambiguity with regards to rules, regulations and fines.  In this article, we aim to […]

5 Freestyle Drones

There are numerous drone styles and designs to cater to a wide range of applications. Some people use drones purely for fun and entertainment while others want to take aerial photographs and videos. At the top end of the market, there are professional drones used for cinematography, deliveries, inspections, search and rescue, and many other […]