Drones For Beginners

Drones have become a popular source of entertainment for the young and the old. Not only are they fun, but they can also be safe, practical and affordable considering the number of hours of entertainment it can provide for many people. If you do not have a drone, then you are missing out. The best drones for beginners are much easier to operate than you think, so you do not need any technical skills to operate one. There are many options available so there is always something to accommodate all budgets and needs.

Why Should You Get a Drone?

The main reason is fun. Drones are highly entertaining. In the past, one needed skills and practice to operate UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles. Modern drones are a breeze to operate and pretty much anyone can purchase one. 

If you get one with a camera, you will be able to take amazing aerial photographs of the surrounding landscape as well as amazing pictures of your friends and family. You do not need great photography skills to capture incredible memories from different perspectives. Holiday photos will never be the same when you invest in a drone.

You can even make money from drone photography. If you are selling your house, a drone is the best way to capture a compelling image. If you are on social media, a drone will add a new dimension to your saved images.

What to Consider Before Buying a Drone

There are many options on the market and the features and prices range dramatically. There are several important factors to consider before investing in a drone. If you are looking for the best drones for beginners, consider the following:

  • Budget: You can get drones that are way under $50 but they can also go up to several thousand dollars. You have to be realistic and take your budget into consideration. If you expect a lot from the drone, spend a bit more to get one that has the features and benefits you need.
  • Features: Everyone has different needs and this will determine the best drone for you. The more affordable drones are lots of fun but have limited features. If there are specific features such as GPS tracking, sensors, and geofencing that are important to you, invest in a model that will deliver those features.
  • Rules & Regulations: Before purchasing a drone, it is critical that you understand the rules and regulations that are put in place for your specific region. There are laws that govern how you may operate your drone for the safety of yourself and others. Here are legal requirements that you should go through as the first step before buying your drone. Understanding the rules and regulations will help you avoid getting hefty fines of up to $3000 for an individual. Larger drones will require a pilot certificate but all drone pilots need to be aware of the rules and regulations. 

Where Should I Purchase a Drone for Beginners? 

If you are looking for the ideal drone, XPG Drones offers a wide range of drones covering all needs and budgets. They also have some fantastic action cameras and other drone accessories. Here are just a few of their best drones for beginners. The greatest part about owning a drone is that you will not grow tired of them, the number of ways to use a drone is endless. 

Wifi Drone With Camera 1080p 

One of the best drones for beginners has to be the remarkable Wifi Drone. In terms of value for your money, it is brilliant. You can pick this drone up for less than $50 but it will deliver a whole lot of value for your investment. It features a remarkable 6-axis gyroscope and a 360-degree view. It has 3 different speed options and a handy headless mode. Flight time is around 7 minutes and it has a range of roughly 70 meters.

Quad L109 Drone

This is a compact feature-rich drone that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The Quad L109 Drone flies at a speed of 15 meters per second and gives you a generous 25 minutes of flight time. The foldable arm makes it easy to pack up and transport. What is ultra-impressive is the 4K ESC wide-angle camera. The resolution is impressive. This is enhanced by the GPS/Optical flow positioning hover and the electronic stabilizing anti-shake lens. This reduces stability for crisp clear images. 

RC Drone R10

Another great option is the RC Drone R10. This foldable drone is nimble and nifty. It sports a quality 2K Ultra HD Camera and has 5G FPV Real-Time Transmission. It is easy to operate and delivers quality aerial photographs and video. The GPS makes it accurate as well as easy and safer to operate. This drone has many features and will provide hours of enjoyment. Flight time is up to 18 minutes depending on certain conditions.

There are many reasons to invest in a drone. Do yourself a favour and check out XPG Drones for some exciting deals on quality drones and accessories. Their customer service is highly trained to help guide you through the drone process and before long, you will be having an amazing flying experience.