Different Uses For Drones - Business & Leisure

Drones have become widely more available in recent times because of the different uses for drones. More consumers are purchasing drones for personal hobbies, safety precautions and business-related purposes. Consumers have increasingly found value through the use of drones and opportunities continue to grow. Imagine the ability to shoot photographs and videos with up to 4k resolution from multiple altitudes and angles. It allows you to capture a perspective that would be difficult to view otherwise. With a wide variety of drones available and up to 33 minutes of flight time, you can find one that suits your needs and budget.

What Can I Use My Drone For

Follow Me

One of the uses for drones is this follow-me function. Do not let the heading discourage you. Have you ever dreamed of documenting yourself from an aerial perspective? The follow-me feature allows you to put the controller away and let the drone do the work for you. This allows you to document any excursion and physical activity from a bird’s eye view of up to 500 meters in the air. This could include hiking, attending festivals and so on.

Route Planning

Setting waypoints is another way of capturing the perfect shot. With the help of your GPS, you can map the flight path of a drone to ensure that you capture the best parts of a geographic location. This can be of great use for any outdoor site, allowing you to showcase it from different perspectives.


Inspection is one of the better uses for drones. In real estate, showcasing a property from both the inside and outside can give clients an eye-catching view that they will never forget. Construction companies can use drones to inspect multiple levels of a site quickly and more effectively. For the everyday explorer, you can fly the drone around an area you have never been to before. It’s a great way to secure the area so that you can travel ahead with ease. Purchasing a drone is a great way to inspect the environment within a safe distance.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If that’s not enough, here are other ways to use your drones.

Drones For Your Budget

L109 Drone


Key Features:

  • 4K HD Wide Angle Camera with 50x zoom and 45 degrees of lens rotation
  • Remote control and APP connectivity
  • 25 mins of max flight time and 1000m of control distance

Gimbal 1600m Drone


Key Features:

  • Ultralight at 250 grams
  • TapFly – control destination with the tap of a finger
  •  Up to 90 degrees of camera rotation
  • LCD screen for enhanced control display
  • 2 LED for flying at night

Gimbal Drone Quadcopter RTF


Key Features:

  • Precise vision positioning system
  • 5 km range
  • 3-axis mechanical gimbal
  • Excellent low-light performance
  • Real-time HD video transmission

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