5 Freestyle Drones

There are numerous drone styles and designs to cater to a wide range of applications. Some people use drones purely for fun and entertainment while others want to take aerial photographs and videos. At the top end of the market, there are professional drones used for cinematography, deliveries, inspections, search and rescue, and many other humanitarian, law enforcement, or commercial applications. That being said, somewhere in the middle lies the exciting areas of drone racing and Drone Freestyle. We will look at what freestyle entails and discuss 5 Freestyle Drones that are popular options. 

What is drone freestyle?

While drone racing is extremely popular and a serious sport, it evolved from a more artistic and precise practice of drone freestyle. Both rely on FPV (First Person View) to navigate. With drone racing the focus on speed through a complex course. While skill and fast reactions are needed, much will depend on the speed and ability of the drone. Freestyle requires greater skill to navigate a range of intricate and threatening obstacles and requires quick thinking, razor-sharp skills, plenty of creativity, and a fair amount of courage. It is not for the faint-hearted. 

Freestyle involves intricate twists and turns, navigation through small, impossible-looking openings, and avoiding a host of other obstacles. At the same time one is expected to perform tricks while making your way through the treacherous course. The top 5 Freestyle drones are designed to do this but they still need a capable person at the controls. 

Some of the easier tricks that one can perform include a roll, a flip, or a gap pass. As you master these you can move onto more complicated tricks such as a power loop (a 360-degree loop), a multi-roll or flip, a roll or flip with a pause mid maneuver, a flip or roll combined with a gap pass and the inverted hang time where you fly upside down for a decent amount of time. From there you can progress to the expert tricks such as a roll, flip, or power loop through a really small gap, a knife-edge flip (like a cartwheel), a proximity flip over an obstacle, or intentionally skidding similar to a grind in skateboarding. 

The Best 5 Freestyle Drones

A racing drone and a freestyle drone both need pretty much the same features. It goes without saying that the camera needs to be pretty decent for a good FPV experience. Some will view the flight on a screen while many use FPV goggles. The drone needs to be extremely agile and nimble. You want one that is sensitive to control and can change direction quickly and effectively. It helps if the drone is compact. Speed and power, while more important for racing, are also important. 

Here are arguably the best 5 Freestyle Drone available:

  • EMAX Hawk Sport 5
  • ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2
  • VIFLY R130
  • Walkera Furious 215
  • Remoking RS6 RC Drone

These are leading options but remember that many of them come with a rather hefty price tag. 

Where to buy Freestyle Drones

If you are looking to get a great freestyle drone that doesn’t break the bank, check out some of the great options at XPG Drones.

Here are some of the leading options they offer: 

  1. RC Drone R10
    This agile drone has everything you need for freestyle drone operations, as well as some nice extras. With optimal speed and power, it also has long battery life, and gesture photo and gesture video.
  2. SG906PRO
    With a sleek design, this drone is light and agile and has features that improve flight stability, along with 1000 meter control. It will impress not only with its looks but also in the air. It has all the features you want for freestyle and it performs exceptionally well. 
  3. 7L109 Drone
    This is another option at XPG Drones that we highly recommend for freestyle. It is compact, easy to maneuver at high-speed, and will automatically return to home when the battery is weak so you will never lose it. The FPV works well and will guide you through your freestyle experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about freestyle drones or if you’re looking to purchase a drone, head on over to XPG Drones to find a great model at an affordable price.