How Fast are DRL Drones?

The Drone Racing League or DRL is the Formula 1 of the drone world. It is an international league where pilots race customized drones of equal power at high speeds. The aerial course is naturally in three dimensions and pilots navigate using first person view (FPV). The media coverage and popularity of DRL events is growing from strength to strength. If you are new to the idea and want to know how fast are DRL drones, read on. 

The history of DRL

DRL started in 2015 and had a public launch in January 2016. The league is now in its fourth season and support, sponsorship and popularity are growing in leaps and bounds. Before the DRL there were informal races but the DRL has become the main event for serious drone racers. Events take place in various parts of the world including races in Las Vegas, Munich, and Nice. There are seven races that make up the Allianz World Championship which started in February 2017. 

Allianz is a multi-national insurance company and they came on board as the title sponsor. Other sponsors behind DRL include the U.S. Air Force, BMW, Swatch and Amazon Prime. 

While the events were initially broadcast on Disney XD and ESPN, they are now shown on Sky Sports, NBC Sports, Fox Sports Asia, among others. It is also popular on social media especially Twitter. 

The drones used are standardized and the 3D course is challenging. It is more a sport of skill than speed. Having said that, the drones are certainly fast. 

What drones are used for DRL

For the purpose of standardization, DRL drones are custom made in-house. The Racer2 was introduced in 2016 and was upgraded to the Racer3 in 2017/2018. 2019 Saw the launch of the Racer4. 

They are designed for speed and lack the stability and many of the features of other drones on the market. The drones feature multiple LEDs making it easy for spectators to enjoy the race. The spec for each class of drones is identical and they operate off a proprietary radio system. This allows them to navigate the complex course at high speed. 

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So, how fast are DRL drones?

Speaking of speed, these drones are seriously fast. While skill is needed to navigate, much like Formula 1, the vehicles need to be fast. Despite the complexity of the courses, these racing quad-copters can reach speeds of up to 120mph. That is a staggering 193 kph. Impressive to say the least. This requires skill, practice and a fair amount of courage. 

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