Best medium-sized drones

Modern drones come in all shapes and sizes. While many people look for the smallest and lightest, this is not always the best option. The best medium-sized drones will often be a better bet. Generally, although not always, they are more powerful, have bigger batteries for a longer time in the air, and have more features. Sure, some compact options are packed with features but for most drone enthusiasts a quality medium-sized drone is a good option to consider. 

The drone market

The market for drones covers a wide range of applications and budgets. Top-end drones are used commercially in several applications. These include deliveries, inspections, agriculture, mining, mapping, and others. They are also used in the medical field, law enforcement, public protection, search and rescue, and various humanitarian efforts. The film and advertising industry also make use of top-end commercial drones. These tend to be large with great features and top-quality cameras. They are also expensive. 

Recreational drones are the most common in the consumer market. Entry-level drones are often basic and lacking in features. They are extremely affordable but offer limited functionality and therefore it’s easy to grow bored with them. 

The better consumer drones offer a range of features, better fly time, and a more enjoyable flying experience. Most come with a decent camera and a gimbal for stabilization. They should also have GPS for tracking the drone and obstacle avoidance is a handy feature. 

The best medium-sized drones are perfect for most people that want a recreational drone. While the ultra-compact drones might appear to be an attractive idea the miniaturization generally means a compromise in performance. They have smaller batteries so they often have a very limited fly time. A larger drone is normally more stable in the air, easier to control, and more durable. The good compact drones also tend to be a lot more expensive as it costs money to reduce the size of the components. Smaller drones are often more fragile and can not take as much abuse as a good medium-sized model. 

That is not to say that there is no place for miniature drones, simply that medium models are worth looking at. 

A word of caution when using a medium-sized drone

All drones should be used with caution. One needs to be aware of the rules, both national and local, that pertain to the use of drones. Used recklessly, drones pose several threats and it is essential that you understand and follow the rules in your area. 

It is also important to respect the privacy of others and do not allow your drone to become a nuisance to others. This is important for the ongoing enjoyment of all drone enthusiasts. If people continue to break the rules more stringent measures will be put in place and enforcement will ramp up. 

Where to find great deals on drones

XPG Drones has a wide range of drones to offer. No matter what your budget or requirements are, we will have something to meet your needs. We also offer accessories and action cameras. 

Here are some of their best medium-sized drones:

  1. 4K Camera GPS Drone
    This is a rugged and powerful drone with a decent brushless motor. It is relatively quiet and efficient. The 4K camera allows for great aerial photographs or video and you can expect around 25 minutes fly time which is great. It has a decent range of 1200m. 
  1. 4K Rotating Camera Drone
    One of the best medium-sized drones, this model is packed with features. The quality pan-tilt camera has high-definition and delivers impressive 1080P aerial footage. You can control the drone via your smartphone and you should get around 25 minutes in the air. It has one-touch takeoff and landing and one-touch return. It even has a 360-degree roll feature for a bit of fun. 
  2. Eachine E511S GPS WiFi FPV with 1080P
    Another worthy contender is the E511S. You can choose the most suitable camera as an extra and the 6 axis gyro will give good stability for quality footage. It has good power and should give you 14 to 16 minutes fly time. The 120° Wide Angle FOV (Field of View) is impressive and the range is 300m. It is a good looking drone that performs well and is solidly built. It is also good value for money. 

While there are many different types of drones on the market a good medium-sized model is worth considering for most people wanting an easy to fly drone that is tough and will give you lots of enjoyment. Browse our products today to see some of our amazing offers!