Popular Drone Accessories

Why are Drone Accessories Important?

Drones are a modern marvel. In the beginning, drones were only considered useful for recreational activities. We thought of them as no more than a toy. However, upgrades to drone designs have meant that their usability has increased manifolds. Their applications have become limitless and you can use them for a variety of purposes. Another reason why drones can nowadays be used in multiple fields is the introduction of drone accessories. These accessories make drones versatile and capable of performing various tasks. There are many types of accessories available in the market right now that allow the drones to take aerial photos and videos and even enable them to be used as a delivery service. 

Importance of Choosing Quality Drone Accessories

Drone accessories are vital for drone usage. For instance, if you are using the drone for aerial photography and shooting videos, you need a good camera, lens filters, and also a signal booster. They can ensure that your drone takes breathtaking photos and can be flown to higher altitudes without using controls. Similarly, the drone’s safety is of prime importance too. Accessories like covers for the propellers and the controller can help ensure that. If the quality of these accessory items isn’t up to the mark, you will put the safety of your drone at risk. You won’t be able to get the best out of your drone. Here is a look at some of the popular accessories for drones that can enhance your drone-flying experience. 

Antenna Amplifiers 

Do you want to take your drone to high altitudes for wide-angle shots? Don’t have enough range on your controller to get the drone to the required altitude? Fear not, as these Yagi-Uda Antenna Amplifiers are here to bail you out. This sublime accessory can boost the signal so that you can control the drone even when it is flying at a much higher altitude. Made out of silicone and copper, these amplifiers can be easily fitted onto your drone’s controller. There are copper pillars attached to the antenna that help in boosting the signal. You can boost the signal by up to 40% with the help of these antenna amplifiers. To top it off, these amplifiers are compatible with most of the drones available from popular manufacturers. 

Silicone Protective Cover for Remote Controller

The remote controller of your drone is just as important as the drone itself. You can’t fly the drone without its controller now, can you? So, protecting the controller is crucial. You don’t want the controller to get damaged by wear and tear or the accidental drop on the floor. The Sunnylife Silicone Protective Cover is the ideal accessory for keeping your controller safe and sound. The cover ensures that your controller remains scratchless during operation and doesn’t get affected by dust. The strap that comes with the cover, on the other hand, can make sure that the controller doesn’t fall to the ground even by accident. It allows you to free up your hands when the controller isn’t in use. The only downside is that this cover is made specifically for the DJI Mavic Air 2.     

Landing Gear

Drone accessories that protect the drone’s body from damage are definitely worth buying. The Landing Gear is one of those accessories. Specifically designed for the DJI Mavic Mini Drone, this useful attachment can keep your drone’s body from coming in contact with the ground. When equipped with this landing gear, your drone will not even touch the floor. It will land on the landing gear’s long legs. This accessory is fairly easy to install and is very sturdy in design. It is also very lightweight for easy transport and won’t add unnecessary weight to the drone during its flight. 

Night 360 Degree Light

Do you use your drone for photography? Want to do some nighttime photography? The Night 360 Degree Light can be a great addition to your drone for snapping photos at night with your drone. This drone accessory is compatible with both the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the GoPro Hero. Aside from nighttime photography, you can use this flashlight for covering sporting events at night as well. This drone accessory comes with fasteners, a large flashlight, a charger, foam pads, and a flashlight holder. You can easily install this flashlight on top of your drone. This flashlight can rotate the full 360 degrees and has adjustable modes that allow you to control the light’s intensity.

The above-mentioned drone accessories can ensure your drone’s safety and make it more durable. However, if the accessories aren’t of the required quality, they won’t be of much use to you. If you want to get the most out of the accessories you buy for your drone, then buy them from a credible place. XPG Drones is just the place you need for buying high-quality drone accessories. Visit our website and browse the various accessories we have available that can enhance your drone’s functionality.