Different Styles Of Drones

Drones have become very popular among people lately. Gone are the days when they were just simply used for conducting spy missions or airstrikes by the military. Nowadays, drones are available commercially and are being used for a wide range of purposes. From taking breathtaking aerial photos and videos to being used for conducting land analysis, drones have come a long way from being seen as just a toy. Newer and better versions of drones are coming out on a regular basis. More and more companies are producing drones that can be used by regular people. In this post, we will be discussing the different styles of drones that are currently available in the market. 

Different Styles of Drones and Their Purpose

While most of us are familiar with multi-rotor drones, they are not the only style of drones in the market. Drones come in various styles and each of them has its own designated purpose. Let’s look at the different styles of drones and what purpose they are used for. 

Multi-Rotor Drones

Multi-rotor drones are the most common and popular style of drones. Their design is characterized by the four or eight propeller blades that are mounted on their sides. They are essentially a mini-helicopter that is capable of flying at high speeds and carrying lightweight loads into the air. These drones are mostly used for doing aerial photography. Since they offer stability and positional control to you, they are ideal for taking photos from high altitudes. While their speed and stability is an asset, they are the reason why this style of drone can’t remain in the air for a long time and can’t lift heavy loads. The flight time for most multi-rotor drones is not more than half an hour. 

Fixed-Wing Drones 

Fixed-wing drones are another style of drone that is commercially available in the market. Whereas the multi-rotor drone resembles a helicopter in design, the fixed-wing resembles an airplane. These types of drones are much more aerodynamic than multi-rotor drones. Also, they have a much longer flight time and are capable of carrying heavier payloads into the air. The fixed-wing drones also have the capacity to fly at much higher altitudes than multi-rotor drones. These drones are ideal for surveying because of their ability to stay afloat for longer periods of time. The downside of these drones is their higher cost. Moreover, you need a runway to get these drones into the air and land them back safely on the ground just like an airplane.  

Single-Rotor Helicopters 

The single-rotor helicopters don’t just have a similar design to a helicopter. They even look like a helicopter as well. Unlike the multi-rotor drone, this style of drone has just a single rotor mounted at its top. The single-rotor helicopters offer the same benefits as a multi-rotor drone and can also remain in the air for long periods. Also, single-rotor helicopters can carry much heavier payloads in the air too. The primary use of these drones is Aerial LIDAR laser scanning. Similar to fixed-wing drones, single-rotor helicopters are expensive and hard to fly.

Among the styles of drones we discussed, the cheapest and most accessible type is the multi-rotor drone or the quad-copter. Here are some of the popular quad-copters that you can buy online. 

Gimbal 1600m Drone

The Gimbal 1600 Drone is a fine piece of equipment. Made from metal, this beautiful machine is capable of taking high-quality aerial photos thanks to its 4K UHD camera. You can keep it in their air and continue shooting photos for up to 20 minutes. The Gimbal can fly for distances up to1600 meters and is powered by a 7.6v, Li-polymer battery. This multi-rotor drone comes with a remote controller. It offers a follow-me function that allows it to lock onto your mobile phone. While in this mode, the Gimbal drone will continue to track your movements from a constant distance.  

Quad L109 Drone

The Quad L109 Drone is also a multi-rotor drone. It is an excellent drone for doing aerial photography. There is a 4K HD camera installed on this drone that can not only take breathtaking photos but also record 1080p videos. The maximum flight time of this drone is 25 minutes. This is made possible by the 11.1v, 1600mAH battery that has a charging time of 4 hours. When running low on battery, this drone has been programmed to automatically return home. So, your drone won’t fall out of the sky if its battery runs out. The Quad L109 Drone has GPS functionality as well and is capable of GPS Assisted Flight.


The SG906 PRO is one of the most advanced multi-rotor drones you can find. It offers you GPS Positioning, Optical Flow Positioning, and also has an Altitude Hold feature. You can keep this drone at a constant altitude and let it hover there. The 7.4v battery has a maximum charge capacity of 2800mAh that allows you to keep this drone in the air for up to 25 minutes. You can fly this drone at distances of up to 1200 meters. Like all multi-rotor drones, the SG906 PRO is ideal for aerial photography and comes with a 4K HD camera that can shoot movie-like visuals.

All the different drone styles mentioned above have their specific purposes and uses. If you are looking for a drone for aerial photography then you can find one easily at XPG Drones. Visit our website today and have a look at the various styles of drones we have available. For other drone and drone accessories inquiries feel free to contact our team of drone experts.